Fatal Vision

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Underage Drinking Awareness Package

With the school season in full swing, now is the time to take action and help our teens realize the truly dangerous consequences of underage drinking. 

Check out Fatal Vision on the big stage! Click on link to view video clip.

AZ GOHS event 1

See SIDNE in action

SIDNE at Teaneck H.S.      SIDNE in Scottsdale, AZ  NEW! See SIDNE support MADD's efforts in Wisconsin


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Fatal Vision ® Red Label

NEW FATAL VISION RED LABEL GOGGLE!  With many D.W.I arrest occurrences at levels of .12-.15+, this goggle will help you deliver a sobering message about the consequences of impaired driving.  See all our BAC Impairment Levels

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intoxiclock® V3

NEW FEATURES!!! intoxiclock® V3.0 by Innocorp, Ltd illustrates how factors such as time, weight, gender and the number of drinks all play a role in a person’s impairment level and B.A.C.
Testimonial   “Intoxiclock is very easy to use, very informative.  It actually opened my eyes to how long it takes to recover from impairment.”  Lt. Doug Ninmann, Dodge County Sheriffs Office

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NEW INNOCORP PRODUCT!  S.U.M.·I+·CUP™ (Standard Unit of Measure) is a new educational tool designed to educate adults (21+ years old) what measure of various types of beverages constitute a standard sized drink.  S.U.M.·I+·CUP Brochure.pdf

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SIDNE® 6.0 Ultimate

ULTIMATE SIDNE® 6.0 Package!   SIDNE Brochure.pdf  The awareness message that is delivered by SIDNE is clear. Participants experience with a sober brain how it feels when reaction time is slowed and they are unable to make a turn or stop, even when they have ample time and space.  This demonstration helps the SIDNE driver to experience first-hand the potentially deadly consequences of delayed reaction on their driving skills. Learn more about all of the SIDNE packages available through Innocorp, Ltd. 

See SIDNE in action at Scottsdale, AZ  SIDNE in Scottsdale.wmv

"Innocorp, Ltd. is a recognized world-wide leader in providing innovative hands-on impaired driving prevention tools and programs. From the popular Fatal Vision Impairment Simulation Goggles to their newest tool the intoxiclock, Innocorp, Ltd is always working to create cutting edge tools that help driver education, law enforcement and prevention specialists reach and teach others on the tragedy of impaired driving. We are proud to have Innocorp, Ltd as a Gold Level Partner with DSAA (Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc.)."

-- Sheila Varnado, DSAA Marketing & Business Relations Manager