2005 Delmarva Breeder Hatchery
and Grow-out Conference
September 14, 2005

University of Delaware
University of Maryland
Delaware State University

In Cooperation with
Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc

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Environmental Regulatory Update
Delmarva Feed Grain Overview and Forecast
Genetic Past, Present and Future
Animal Welfare Update
Avian Influenza National and International Update
The Broiler Industry Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Issues Affecting Future Poultry Production on Delmarva

Energy Conservation and Heat Uniformity in Broiler Houses
Radiant Tube Heaters -Detroit Radiant Products
Radiant Tube Heaters -LB White
Radiant Tube Heaters -Roberts-Gordon
Radiant Tube Heaters - Valco
Evaporative Cooling Water Treatment and Maintenance

How to Conduct and Use Breakout Information
Delmarva Hatchery Issues and Opportunities
Hatchery Design and Technology

All Files are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
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