2007 Delmarva Breeder Hatchery
and Grow-out Conference
September 12, 2007

University of Delaware
University of Maryland
Delaware State University

In Cooperation with
Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc

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Session 1
Delmarva AI Response Plan     Bruce Stewart-Brown
 LT-Biosecurity and Control Programs     Dr. Ritter
Delmarva's Competitive Position    Mike Donahue

Session 2
Production Practices Around the World Mike Czarick
Poultry House of the Future Jeannine Harter-Dennis
Vegetative Environmental Buffers James Scott
Delmarva Bedding Update Bud Malone
Poultry Operations Environmental Checklist NRCS
In-House Windrowing Litter for Pest Reduction Ken Macklin

Session 3
Heater and House Management Mike Czarick
Energy Technology and Cost Share Programs Gary Van Wicklen
Rodent and Darkling Beetles: Why Pest Control is Important David Shapiro
Beetle Application Techniques Robert Rowland

All Files are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
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