David J. Hansen
Areas of Responsibility
bluedot.gif (1301 bytes) Water Quality
bluedot.gif (1301 bytes) Nutrient Management

Contact Information

Research and Education Center
16483 County Seat Highway
Georgetown, DE 19947

(302) 856-7303
(302) 856-2585  ext. 570
(302) 856-1845 (FAX)


Courses Taught:
PLSC 167: Soil and Environmental Issues
PLSC 204: Introduction to Soil Science
PLSC 170: Soils and Environmental Quality

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People I work with:

Dr. Greg Binford: Associate professor of Soil and Water Quality.  Greg and I work closely on field projects and on Nutrient Management training.

Sydney Riggi:
Extension Associate responsible for coordinating the Nutrient Management training

Shawn Tingle:
Research Associate responsible for coordinating field projects.




Associate Professor
Soil and Environmental Quality

Doctor of Philosophy
State University, Ames, Iowa
Co-Major: Soil Science and Water Resources

Master of Science
Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Major: Forest Biology

Bachelor of Science
Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Major: Forest Resource Management

Selected Publications

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Research Interests :
My primary research interests are nitrogen and phosphorus management in production agriculture.  We conduct field trials to evaluate the use of soil testing, tissue testing, and remote sensing to improve nutrient efficiencies in corn.

I have am also involved in research more directly associated with poultry production including evaluation of sand bedding in poultry houses, tree plantings around confinement units, and evaluation of temporary litter storage structures.

Recent Research

Extension Education Activities:
My primary Extension activity is related to the Delaware Nutrient Management Program.  Along with Dr. Greg Binford, I am responsible for developing and conducting all of the nutrient management training required under the
Delaware law.  As of January, 2004 we have developed 12 different 3-hour classes and have conducted more than 200 classes for this training program.
Other responsibilities include work as Extension Water Quality Coordinator, and Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) coordinator.