Civil Rights Compliance Training


Civil Rights Compliance Training Introduction & Policy Statement
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title VI
Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992
Age Discrimination Act of 1973
Public Notification Requirements
Complaint Procedure
All Reasonable Effort
Extension Staff Civil Rights Quiz
All Extension staff are required to review these documents on an annual basis.
To be fully compliant, please take this quiz, print sign, and date the results and return to record keeper of the Civil Rights Compliance files:
(M. Walfred as of (8/2008)
Online Entry of Participation Reports             Excel Log to Manually Record Participation Reports
Census and Demographic Information for Sussex County, Delaware
Instructions for filing Participation Reports
Participation Report Forms and Submission Links
Note: Clauses should appear prominently in upper portion of all press releases. Clauses should appear on all brochures and educational materials and mailings as required.
UD Discrimination Clause - full
UD Discrimination Clause - abridged
UD Special Needs Statement
4-H Clause

At the Carvel facility, all Civil Right files, materials and resources are maintained by Michele Walfred, Civil Rights Compliance record keeper. These resources and updated mailing lists for media are available for you to review as needed.


Other Resources

Ohio State Civil Rights Compliance Review
CRESS Civil Rights Review Guide


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