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The Carvel Tech Team has developed this new FAQ page to help staff with technology-related questions. It is an evolving document. Please check back often as it is updated and amended. If you have any suggestions for content or wish to submit new questions, please e-mail: Thank you. 

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Frequently Asked Computer Questions


Questions about Internet Connections


Q: Why am I unable to connect to the internet from my desktop computer?

A: To verify that you have internet connectivity check to see if you can access a webpage.  If you are unable to do so, please check that your network cable is securely plugged into your computer and at the wall outlet if an ethernet cable is used.


Q:  Why am I unable to connect to the internet using my laptop?

A:  The DHCP server is up and running as well as wireless network. The DHCP server is now being run through Network Services in Newark, so to get Internet access outside of the UD network, it will require a one-time registration. Go to and register for roaming IP.  After registering, you may have to clear the cache to be granted full Internet access; this is done by deleting browsing history under Internet options. After clearing the cache, you should exit your browser and wait two minutes for the registration to complete. 


Q: The wireless in the building does not work for guests. What do I do?

A: The wireless Internet access in the building is not for general public use. A visitor may detect a wireless signal from their computer, but they will not be allowed to access it without first registering as a guest. Go to and register for a guest IP (you will have to sign in twice).  Staff can register up to 10 guests, each with a maximum of 60 days.  After submitting, you will instantly receive temporary log in IDs and passwords. For groups larger than 10 , access must be arranged in advance with network services (831-6000). The wireless guest pass takes about 10 minutes and guests may need to clear their browser history or cache.  Because you enter a date range, guest access can be pre-arranged. Staff is encouraged to anticipate this need a day or two ahead of the meeting or workshop.


Q: What browsers should I use on the Internet?

A: Most PCs come with Internet Explorer (IE) pre-loaded, but the University of Delaware prefers Mozilla Firefox (FF), which is not pre-loaded on most machines. Download FF from the UDeploy site. (this is the site to safely download all approved and software with licenses to UD).When University designed and developed  software, such as PeopleSoft, they tested it using FF. Other browsers such as Safari and Chrome are also safe to use. IE is known to have bugs and security issues, and likely why UD prefers FF. DO NOT, howver, delete IE from your machine. However, use IE when you access MS Office Clip Gallery.


Questions about Network


Q: Why am I unable to locate my computer on the network?

A: If you can no longer find your computer on the network it is because it has been moved to a new location.  All computers at Carvel and Lasher are now in the Carvel Group on the network.


Q: Why does my computer not accept my password or login? 

A: If you cannot log onto your computer please make sure that you are entering Carvel as the domain.  There are other choices in the drop-down menu.


Q: Do I need to run spyware and virus scanning on my computer?

A: It is no longer necessary to do spyware scans and virus scanning on your computers attached to our new domain.  The IT group in Newark will be monitoring our machines for viruses and scanning for malicious software. 


Q: Do I need to backup my computer?

A: Currently, each employee is responsible for backing up their own computers.  In the near future, Newark will backup our server on a daily basis.  Information will be forwarded stating the day and time of the week.  Computers will need to be left on for backup to work.


Q: How do I backup MS Outlook files on my computer?

A: It is wise to backup your Outlook files occasionally as these files are not stored in “My Documents.” Backing up Outlook will enable you to restore your e-mail archive, contact and distribution lists. Please carefully follow the directions in: “Outlook Backup Procedure.”


Questions about Printing


Q: Why am I unable to print to the Tech lab printers or printer located in office.  What should I do?

A:  If you cannot print, please be sure to check and see what your default printer is for your machine.  Go to the control panel and click printers and you will see a checkbox indicating your default printer.  Your default printer should be the black and white in the Tech lab if you are located in the Carvel building.


Q: I need to print a large poster on the plotter inkjet. What is the procedure?

A:  Please contact Michele Walfred or Susan White-Hansen. There is a $10 cost per printing job.  Laminating may add to the cost.Please provide a purpose code for the printing charge.  Please allow one week's notice for request.


Q: How big can I go with a poster?

A: The largest roll size is 42 in and the next size paper roll 36 in.  With these dimensions rotated as the width, your poster can be as long as you need. The laminator however, will only accomodate a 24" width.


Q: Is there a certain software program that is preferred for posters?

A: It depends. MS Office, PowerPoint works best. Publisher does not permit large format dimensions if you are creating it from your computer as the plotter printer must be added to the machine that is designing. PowerPoint slides can be customized to fit plotter capabilities. Conversion to PDF format prior to printing is advised.


Q: Can I get these large posters laminated?

A: Unfortunately no. The laminator width capacity is 24 in.


Q: I need a banner for an event. Who do I see?

A: For a standard 8.5 in x 3’, 4’. 5’ or 6’ banner: 8.5 x 11 paper please purchase standard banner paper (available at most office supply retailers), and file a CITA work request with Sharon Webb. Our office maintains one inkjet printer capable of printing these banners.  For larger banners, please reserve the plotter.


Q: Is there a cost to laminate?

A: No, not at this time, however that policy is being re-examined..


Q: Who do I see about laminating?

A: Please contact your support staff person to laminate. All secretaries have access. When practical, please try to plan multiple projects so that they can be laminated at the same time.


Graphics and Images


Q: I need to color correct or crop an image – who do I see?

A: Microsoft Office provides excellent image management in its Office Suites. If these programs are not sufficient, Adobe Photoshop software is available on a limited number of computers.


Q: How do I access Photoshop services or software?

A: Adobe Photoshop CS is loaded on the “Milk” and “Seed” computers in the Tech Lab. Other staff also have licensed copies of Photoshop CS3 installed on their machines. Please place a CITA work order with Sharon Webb and your job will be scheduled and coordinated accordingly. Please allow one week’s notice.  Services at Carvel are limited to small and quick projects. Due to time limitations, you may be asked to contact Graphic Communications in Newark to process your project request.


Q: Can I protect my photos in presentation or on the Web?

 A: Yes. Presentations can be protected by password access, or print quality can be restricted to low resolution quality by using Adobe Acrobat. Most support staff have this program. It is recommended that PowerPoints be converted to PDF first, then a number of options may follow. Watermarks, such as professional photographers use for displaying proofs can be added to photographs or any PDFs. Intellectual property can be protected by adding meta tag information to all photographs and documents. These tags can specify authorship, reproduction permissions and ways to contact the owner of the photo or document. See Michele for details..


Other Questions


Q: How do I request assistance from the Tech lab?

A:  Please fill out the CITA request form which is on the REC home page To maintain accurate records, and to assure that work orders are completed in a prompt and fair manner, please fill out your request, save it to your file, and then e-mail the completed form to Sharon Webb: 


Q: How long will it take to receive assistance?

A:  Work orders will be completed as they are received, with consideration to priority requests.  Computer and technology related requests will not be performed without a CITA form filled out in advance.  Please allow 48 hours for our CITA Tech Team members to respond, as they have additional job responsibilities.


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