UD and DSU Graphics



Carvel Architect's Rendering

Dual UD & DSU Extension Logo                         Delaware State University

Transparent UD Extension Logo                           UD Cooperative Extension Logo (2.5 MB)

UD Shield

UD Shield in Circle

UD Shield (no text) black and white                        UD Shield (no text) blue and gold

Interlocking "UD" black (can be re-colored)            Interlocking "UD" blue                Interlocking "UD" blue and gold

Interlocking "University of Delaware" black              Interlocking "University of Delaware" blue

Same as above but with added shield                       Same as above but added shield

UD in circle, black                                                   UD in circle, color

UD in square, black                                                 UD in square, color



YoUDee Waving        YoUDee Sherlock Holmes   YoUDee Grad      YoUDee Save the Date

YoUDee Crystal Ball