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Samples for MG and MS PCR Testing

1. Using culturettes, swab the trachea or joint to be tested. Replace the swab and crush the ampule in the end of the culturette to release transport media onto the cotton swab.

2. Put culturettes in a plastic bag labeled with the farm name and immediately place bag into cooler with ice or ice packs and transport to the lab as soon as possible.

3. Deliver samples to the lab during working hours and notify lab personnel.

4. Unless it is an emergency situation, PCR testing is performed on a weekly basis. To obtain results by Friday of each week, samples must be submitted no later than Tuesday afternoon of the same week. Testing will be started on Wednesday of each week. In the event results are needed in an emergency situation, contact the lab personnel and explain the situation. The lab will make every effort for results to be completed in a manner to suit the company.

5. Results will be called to a company representative followed by a faxed report to the appropriate office (growout, breeder, technical, etc.).



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