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Serum Samples For Serology

1. Collect blood in treated test tubes, cap tightly to prevent leakage. Leave at room temperature (680 F - 750 F) in an upright position and allow enough time for the serum to separate from the clot. Blood samples can be collected in disposable syringes and will separate quite nicely if the syringe is only partially filled and air is pulled into the syringe prior to the blood clotting. The barrel of the syringe can be removed and the serum poured directly into another container after separation.

2. After the serum has separated, pour the serums into clean tubes (Bullet tubes are recommended and will be provided by the laboratory upon request.) for submission to the lab as soon as possible. If using the plastic tubes with snap caps, be sure to push the cap down tightly to prevent leakage of serum.

3. Serum should be stored in a refrigerator or in a cooler with ice packs until submitted to the lab. The lab can receive serum samples 24 hours; there is a refrigerator in the holding room, which is always open for this purpose. Do not freeze serum.

4. Serum samples with signs of bacterial contamination (cloudy, off-color, smelly), severe hemolysis (serum is red), or leaking tubes or syringes are unacceptable.

5. Submit tubes containing serum in plastic bags labeled with farm name. Completely fill out the ELISA/Serology request form.

6. Problem flocks should be submitted in paired samples if possible. Label the first samples collected at the initial signs of disease as "Acute" and the second samples collected at movement as "Convalescent". If the flock shows signs of disease near the end of growout, collect samples and label as "Only" sample.

7. Results should be available 7 - 10 days after samples are submitted for testing. In the event of a paired sample submission, results for both samples will be available after the second sample is received. The results will be either mailed or sent electronically to the company. If special needs exist, results will be available sooner than the 7 - 10 day time frame. Please first check with your technical department for results before calling the laboratory.

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