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Litter Samples for Bacteria and/or Mold Counts

1. Using a plastic spoon, remove the top 1" layer of litter from 6 different areas of the chicken house. Do not collect litter from areas around the drinker lines.

2. Put litter from all 6 areas into a sterile Whirlpak type bag and immediately put bag into a cooler with ice or ice packs. Deliver as soon as possible to the lab.

3. Fill out a postmortem submission form with the farm information and test requested. Leave the form in the wall-mounted receptacle labeled "Completed Forms" and put sample in the refrigerator. It is best to deliver these samples during working hours so that testing can be started as soon as possible after collection.

4. Results will be faxed to the growout office or technical department when available, usually in 5 - 7 days.



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